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Below are descriptions of the type of work Honesty Consulting delivers. These are summaries of actual client engagements. For more information about any of them, please contact me.

Team Development
Integrating the staff of an acquired organization. When an insurance company with a strong culture and lengthy business history acquired a business unit from a major competitor with equally strong culture and history, Judith consulted with Human Resources, management and employees to facilitate the integration of the acquired business. She developed and delivered training and communications to acquired management about the acquirer’s Human Resources and Operations policies and procedures. As a result, employees from the acquired company were retained above the targeted rate and services to customers of the acquired company were smoothly integrated into the acquirer’s processes.


Organizational Culture

Building and sustaining a purposeful organizational culture that drives performance in the IT division of a pharmaceutical distribution company undergoing significant organizational change.  Judith worked with leadership to address several concurrent challenges:  entry of new leaders and departure of prior leaders, centralization and downsizing, outsourcing the IT function to a firm with primary resources in Asia.  As a result of this long-term intervention, the IT division rebuilt morale, improved retention and maintained customer satisfaction.

Organizational Change


Organizational Change

When an international not-for-profit faced the end of its first phase of work, it sought support in transitioning an extensive volunteer staff out of regular organization roles. Judith worked with management and with front-line volunteers to develop and execute a strategy for honoring the volunteers’ contributions while transitioning to the distribution phase of the organization’s mission. Released volunteers cited the transition process as a fitting coda to their heartfelt efforts; most maintained contact with the organization as it entered subsequent phases of work.



Process Improvement

Creating a single-currency budgeting process. An international professional services firm decided to consolidate its budgeting process so that member firms reported budget in a single currency rather than 20+ local currencies.  Judith worked with finance officers from member firms to determine the common requirements of a shared budgeting approach.  She facilitated their decision-making to address the differential needs that arose from local custom and law. The result was a successful implementation of a shared budgeting process, one that facilitated the development of shared financial reporting across the firm.



Leadership Development

Collaborative strategic and tactical planning in the extended leadership team of an engineering consulting firm.  Judith gathered and analyzed data about aspects of culture that drive or inhibit performance.  She used those data to design and facilitate a large group intervention where leaders planned strategies and tactics to support the achievement of organizational goals.  Leaders who participated in this process reported that this was the most productive planning process they had experienced in many years. 

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